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Huxley: The secrets of the luxurious k-beauty brand!

serum huxley secret of sahara

Huxley is the green brand of the moment. It only uses 100% bio ingredients in its products composition… A one-of-a-kind brand! Current urban life is regularly described as restless and stressful. As a result, Huxley is determined to look for efficient solutions for your skin well-being. The adventure of the brand into the sterile Sahara Desert has started with the search of unique and new ingredients.

Prickly pear seeds: Huxley’s flagship Saharan ingredient.

During its trip, Huxley found the most efficient ingredient to take care of our skin… in a huge desert in North Africa.

Its favorite ingredient: oil of prickly pear seeds from the Sahara. This is Berber women’s millennial beauty secret. They use it to stay beautiful despite a specific way of life in a rough and arid desert environment.

The content of this linoleic acid oil (essential fatty acid among omega-6) is 61%. Thus, Huxley provides a light texture, a fast absorption and a moisturising effect better than argan oil.

Prickly pear seeds of the Sahara also offers an anti-ageing effect. Its concentration of natural vitamin E is 400 times higher than the one olive oil. In short this bio ingredient is certified safe and beneficial for our skin!

Huxley’s particularity: An identity of its own.

Huxley is inspired by exotic and refreshing scents of an oasis. It is destined for all skin types, for all care types. Among them, we will find:

Sérum à l'huile de cactus de Sahara HuxleyCrème anti gravity HuxleyToner Extraxt It HuxleyEssence grab water HuxleyGel nettoyant Be Clean Be Moist Huxley

               Serums,                  Moisturising Creams,                Toners,                               Essences,                    Cleansing Gels,

…and more!

It is one of the first brands who claims cactus oil as an essential ingredient for having a soft skin.

You guessed it, Huxley is a must of the Korean cosmetics. Its efficiency and its high quality make its products unique. And you? Have you ever tried? Would you be ready for testing these products?

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