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Knowing everything about Little Noon concept

Little Noon is an Korean cosmetics and accessories e-shop.
Its goal is to make discover what is k-beauty and to meet the insiders’ needs.

Little Noon, a unique French e-shop

Sophie, founder of Little Noon, has chosen to import directly her favorite products from South Korea. Passionate about k-beauty, Sophie decided to set a Korean cosmetics shop based in France up. First time on the market.

Why do Little Noon products fit you?

Preciously selected, every product on sale at Little Noon are certified “cruelty free”. It means that none of these products had been tested on animals. It is an important value in the eyes of the entire team.

Also, we have our heart set on choosing innovative, natural, soft, bio and vegan-friendly young brands. As a result, our products formulas are clean and green.

Little Noon is the first e-shop offering you to discover the best regarding cosmetic, while offering you to discover, via exclusive sales, accessories that you will find nowhere else excepted in South Korea.

For two years, Sophie tests each product on her own skin, and the ones of her team, so that offering you only products that convinced her!

Among all these products, you will discover several ranges such as:

Little Noon goal is to meet customers’ demands. As a result, boxes without subscription, and exclusive sales, are regularly offered on the website. The aim is to make you discover different aspects of Korea.

Since its launch in 2019, we get our supplies directly from brands we are collaborating, or directly at their official distributors in Europe.

  • Cares in accordance with the European regulation 1223/2009.
  • Formulas between ancestral pharmacopoeia and state-of-the-art formulas.
  • Natural, organic products (with or without certificate), vegan friendly and non-irritating formulas.

So, do not hesitate and bring Korea into your life!

To know more about the world of k-beauty and South Korea, you can also follow us here: https://little-noon.com/en/blog-2/

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