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The 8 steps of Korean layering to take care of your skin

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More and more often, we hear about Korean layering. South Korea becomes a beauty global phenomenon. And for good reason, the land of morning calm is the global precursor of cosmetic innovation.

What is layering? Layering is care routine that consists in putting several care layers on top of each other after a double cleansing (makeup remover and cleanser). To this end, you need to know your skin type and your needs.

Discover the 8 steps of layering:

1. Remove your make-up

It is important to let no trace of makeup for making an efficient care after. An oil or a balm is perfect. Actually, using a fatty product makes it possible to take off impurities, more effectively than a micellar water for example, and it doesn’t irritate the eyes. No need for cottons or cleansing wipes.

2. Cleanse your skin

This is the second step of double cleansing. A clean skin is much healthier. Cleanse your skin to remove every pollution particle and other pieces of dirt accumulated during the day. A neutral pH or low pH cleanser (more the skin is sensitive or dry, more it will enjoy the low pH cleansing) is better for not damaging skin. It removes the fat from the oil or balm that you used before. In the form of gel, cream or foam.

3. Pamper your skin by toning it

Your skin is slightly dehydrated after using your cleanser. By toning it, you will remove all remaining residues after cleansing, and will prepare your skin for moisturising by helping it to absorb more easily the next products of your routine. The toner removes limescale and rebalances pH. How to use it? By tapping with your hands.

4. Apply an essence

It’s a layering essential product. It’s generally a very fluid care (almost like water). It may contain active ingredients targeting the signs of age, hyperpigmentation or the dull side of the complexion.

5. Use a serum

Serum is very similar to essence in its texture and its beauty goal. But it contains more active concentrates. You can: use both products one after another for more actions according to your needs, or choose one of them in your routine.

6. Sheet masks

Korean women usually use a different mask each day, according to their skin type, in order to bring a different active ingredient each day (moisturising, nourishing, brightness, etc…). This step can also be done only once or twice a week.

7. Don’t forget to take care of your eyes

Just like the rest of your skin, your eyes also need special attention. Actually, skin is thiner and more fragile. We often think wrongly that we have to take care of our skin only when we have problems. On the contrary, prevention is better than containing the “damages”. Actually, when problems of skin are remaining, it’s often difficult to get rid of them. Don’t neglect this step.

8. Moisurising: the essential point of your k-beauty routine

You understood it, the aim of layering is to nourish your skin for better health and moisturising.

If in France, we swear by the step of cream, it is not the same in Asia. Often perceived as occlusive, too rich or insufficiently dosed in active ingredients, creams play a role of final protection after all the steps of the Korean layering.

In Korea, it is not uncommon to skip this step and to favour a lighter emulsion, especially for combination and oily skins. Another alternative is to use a moisturising gel or a green gel instead of cream.

However, mature and dry skins will enjoy the “comfort” side of a nourishing or moisturising cream.

Of course, there are many ways to take care of your skin. Nevertheless, Korean brands are full of ideas for offering you the most specific cares. Dry skins, oily skins or problem skins, every particularity has its solution. Thus, a 100% k-beauty routine automatically offers you an optimal and essential moisturising to your skin well-being.

And you? Do you think you can include the Korean layering in your life?

To know more about one of the flagship brand of the Korean cosmetics:

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